Case Studies

Congratulations on completing this online course I hope you found it informative. Please do not hesitate to contact Master Beauty Direct if you have any questions regarding any of the online contents.

Next steps now is to submit 2 Classic Lash cases studies working on either family or friends to gain your certificate. These must be completed within 6 weeks.

We will always be on hand should you have any questions.

Once your case studies have been completed and marked you will be issued your certificate allowing you to obtain insurance and become fully qualified and insured to perform this treatment.



▪ Case studies ensure we can eliminate any issues you have whilst out in the industry early on.

▪ Case studies help to reassure, build confidence, and increase speed of application/removal

▪ Choose your case study clients wisely i.e. friends, family and people who will return truthful feedback and be supportive throughout your learning.

Once Completed please email your case studies to:

  • Each student is required to complete 2 case studies in order to get your certificate.
  • Each case studies will be assessed by the trainer and you will be provided with feedback
  • Each case study must be performed on a different client so that you show the ability to work on a variety of lash types
  • Photos must be clear, close up, good lighting and in focus. (Please do not use any filters or smoothing apps) quality of your lash work only in their original size format which need to be sent individually with no collage apps.
  • You can have or leave the under eye pads on the client whilst taking photos, this is acceptable and can assist to show the lashes more clearly.

4 photographs are required in total for your case studies with 2 different angles, please see below for the examples:

Photograph 1.

Before lash extensions behind the clients head.

Photograph 2.

After the lash extensions behind the clients head.

Photograph 3.

Side profile with pre-treatment (with no lash extensions)

Photograph 4.

Side profile post treatment (with lash extensions)



  • Lash mapping must also be visible to showcase the length selection and your working out
  • This would be shown on your under eye treatment pads using a pen

Please see example below:


Please submit both case studies together via email.


It is vital you ensure you include your name, the name and the date of the course you attended and the case study number you are submitting in the subject field of your email.


We receive a vast amount of submissions so everything you submit must be correctly labelled in order for us to identify your evidence and track your progress to completion.

Once again thank you so much for choosing Master Beauty Direct.