Cleaning Eyelash Extensions

If your client does not look after their lashes during the time between appointments with yourself as their lash technician then it can really make a huge effect on the time you have booked out for maintenance/infills because you will have to take time out to clean the lashes to remove old make up and dirt, as well as remove any lashes damaged from not being looked after etc..

It’s your job as a lash specialist to educate your clients as to how they look after their lashes and with what products and if they adhere to your guidelines it will make your job a whole lot easier when they return for maintenance/infills.

Bad example of hygiene below:


The key is educating your clients, they will not know what to do if you don’t tell them but they will be the first person on the phone claiming you didn’t do the treatment right as their lashes are falling out every day (natural lash shed) or they have (heavenly forbid) contracted lash mites.

The reason your clients come to you is because they cannot do the treatment themselves, so they are intrusting you do and tell them the right things.