Cleansing the lash prior to treatment:

It’s really important to cleanse the lash prior to treatment, it helps get rid of any traces of makeup left like mascara, they need to be as clean as possible before application.

  • Place a small amount of Lash Shampoo on the back of your hand
  • Using a sponge tip applicator apply the shampoo over the natural lashes generously
  • You apply over each eye alternatively to allow the shampoo to sink in and begin to work on cleaning the natural lash
  • Using folded damp cotton pads wipe over both eyes from the inside out to remove the lash shampoo product
  • Refresh these cotton pads with fresh ones to go back over the eyes and cleanse
  • Make sure all product is also removed from around the eyes (eyelids and under the eyes)
  • Dry the area with two dry cotton pads simultaneously over the eyes
  • Go over each eye to make sure the eyelashes are completely dry and clean
  • Using Mascara Wands to brush through the lashes, base of the lash to the tip