Health, Safety & Hygiene

Health and safety is important to keep people and safe and prevent them from harm! The main purpose of the various laws and legislation is to ensure health, safety and welfare of people is a priority! These laws apply to all working environments, including hair and beauty salons and to self-employed and mobile hairdressers and beauty therapists. Business premises are inspected annually and must conform to various hygiene requirements. Regulations may vary from area to area.

Health and safety law apply to everyone in the workplace – employers, staff, customers and visitors or guests.

• Employers have responsibility to provide and maintain a safe working environment and welfare facilities. They are also responsible for developing policies and standard or normal operating procedures to guide safe practice.
• Employers must provide safe working systems
• Staff need to follow these procedures in all their daily activities. They need to be inducted to health and safety requirements and receive other specialist training required for their work role, e.g. risk assessment, first aid, manual handling, safe use of chemicals.
• Customers, visitors and guests need to be informed of appropriate rules and behaviours to ensure they also take responsibility for their safety, e.g. following instructions from signs provided, such as not walking across a wet floor where a sign has been displayed.

The main factors that influence health and safety in a hair and or beauty salon include:

• Environmental factors – conditions in the workplace and working area, for example the working temperature, ventilation and noise
• Occupational factors – the potential risk of certain illnesses due to the services or treatments being offered, for example asthma from exposure to certain hairdressing or beauty products
• Human factors – how people can contribute to accidents due to inappropriate or poor behaviour, carelessness, error or haste