Personal consultation

This is an opportunity for your client to give you information and for you to help them understand what can be achieved with Brow Lamination. Explain the treatment will consist of the application of Laminating the Brows using perming solutions, waxing (if trained in waxing)  and threading and using makeup.

A thorough consultation is important to ensure the client is happy and achieve professional results!!

80% of clients may not have a full brow to begin with, this where you need explain regrowth of the brow hair is needed! The hair growth cycle needs to be explained to the client and how long it can take for full regrowth.

This can take time but in the meantime you can use make up or recommend products for clients to use in-between treatments. This enables any gaps to be easily disguised, manage sparse patches and regrowth areas. Some clients will not have a successful result after trying leave their brow hairs to grow this could be due to a lack of hair follicles or heavy and incorrect brow tattooing.

Next step –

Check the client record card for anything that may have cropped which will impact the client having the treatment things like medical history, any previous beauty treatments which may affect their treatment. At this point you must check the client has carried out the patch test and finally make sure the forms are singed by you and the client.

4 frequent questions asked during a consultation to gain to best answer for the perfect brows:

  • What size brow would you like? Full, medium or slim?
  • What colour would you like your brows? Discuss tone and depth and consider their hair colour too.
  • Do you have a shape in mind? Arched, flat, curved or angular?

Is there a particular type or brow you want? Picture references / celebrities