Ink Thread

Ink tread is a great tool to map out your client’s brows without the need for drawing your markers out with pencil.


Fine Angles Brow Brush



This brush is used to apply the Henna Brow product with once you have mapped out your brows.


Dyotics Brow Henna



It colours the hairs for 5-6 weeks and stains the skin up to 14 days. In addition, Dyotics is reasonably priced, without many side products. It is a high-quality henna that you mix with regular water.

They come in 5 signature colours which are:


  • Honey: a beautiful blonde colour, for women and men with light eyebrows and light skin
  • Taupe: a cool blond/brown shade for blonde to dark-blonde eyebrows on light to medium skin
  • Natural Brown: a natural brown effect, for eyebrows on light to medium skin
  • Ash Brown: a darker shade with a cold effect, for tinted for darker skin
  • Raven: an extra dark shade, especially for eyebrows on darker skin


They can be customised by mixing shades together to meet client requirements. Mature clients can benefit from this treatment as it absorbs much faster and deeper into the follicles, creating a better coverage for greying hair then regular tint.

If in doubt of initial colour to use, always go a shade lighter and do not leave full exposure time (you can reapply henna to gain deeper tint if build up of colour is required)


Ombre Henna

You can create an Ombre effect with Henna in just a few simple steps,

  • Removing 1/3rd of the henna from the bulb of the brow with a wet cotton bud
  • This would be removed around 10 minutes into the treatment
  • Can be removed in less time if the client has reached the desired look
  • The rest of the henna would be left on for the recommended time


This what the brow will look like once it’s mapped and before the application of Henna: