Removal of the lashes:


“The client’s eyes must always be kept closed”


Reasons you might be removing eyelash extensions:


  • If your client decides to have an eyelash break and has the last few remaining
  • For medical reasons or if they’re going to be having an operation and can’t leave them on
  • If they’ve had a reaction towards their extensions and they need to be removed for safety

How to do it:

  • Apply under eye pads to each eye
  • Using a micro-brush/lip applicator apply gel remover to the lashes making sure to cover all the glue bonds
  • Apply a second under eye pad over the top of the remover and leave for 5-10 minutes
  • After 5-10 mins start to gently lift both eye pads together starting at the outer corners away from the lash line
  • Any lash extensions that remain can be removed by using the “banana peel” technique – hold the lash extension with one set of tweezers and the natural lash the other set of tweezers and gently pull apart
  • If this does not happen easily more gel remover can be applied on the remaining lashes until they have been removed
  • Rub remaining gel residue off with a clean damp cotton pad and cleanse with a protein pad so when the client opens their eyes no product will be left to possibly contaminate by mistake