1. Set up

Make Sure everything is ready before you take your client to the beauty room.


•      Protein Pads

•      Under Eye Pads

•      Eyelash Glue

•      Lash and Lid Cleansing Foam

•      Lash Cleansing Brush

•      Sizing Guide

•      Lashes 0.10-0.15 Classic (7,8,9,10,11,12)

•      Mirror

•      Tissues

•      2 x Straight Tweezers

•      14 Disposable micro brush

•      Mascara Wand

•      Jade Stone or Finger Ring

•      Face Mask

•      Micropore Tape

•      Sterile Eye Wash


2. Patch Test

A patch test is required at least 48 hours before the treatment.  The client will need to complete a record card.

A patch test requires 2 lashes per eye at the end closest to the temples, 1mm away from lash line as if you are applying a new set.


3. Preparation

Put Face Mask On

When your client is laying comfortably on the bed, with their head in a lash pillow, cleanse their eyelashes with a protein pad to make sure any excess oil or makeup is removed.  Add micropore tape to jade stone ready for glue.  Take a before photograph.


4. Lower Lashes (protection)

Under eye pads should be applies over the lower lashes, this ensures that no lower lashes get caught in the curling procedure.  Ensure the lower lashes are pressed down to the skin comfortably whilst the treatment takes place – remember the pads sit up to the water line – NOT on the water line.  Add the sizing guide onto the under-eye pad and write sizes in the gaps as to what length you will use in what area.  Add glue to jade stone.


5. Applying Lashes


  • Sitting behind the client at the correct height
  • start isolating your first lash on client
  • starting outwards in
  • once done get other hand to extract a lash from strip
  • dip in glue at the base of extension lash, not too much as you risk sticking other lashes together (stickies) and not too little as the lash will not adhere
  • place the extension on to of the natural lash making sure the position of the extension is straight and not at an angle
  • keep the eyelash isolated for a few seconds depending on the speed of your glue and then release
  • repeat this process for 20-30 lashes then move on to the other eye and repeat (20-30 lashes), then move back to the first eye.


Classic Lashes – should range from size 8 on outer lashes, moving to 9,10 then 11,12 in the middle creating a fan effect.

When you are coming to the end of your allocated time, use your mirror to check both eyes are loaded the same and run through along the lash line at the root of the natural hairs from out to in to make sure that there are no false lashes connected to more than one natural lash – detach if necessary.



Attach A (lash) to where C is pointing Keeping in line with B to keep extension straight and not let it fall at an angle.