Treatment step by step using Dyotics:


  1. Clean the eyebrows with Dyotics Cleansing Lotion. The cleaner the skin, the better the henna will penetrate the skin. Tip: Ask your customer in advance to scrub his or her brows at home.Less dead skin cells also mean that the henna last longer.
  2. Mix the henna with warm to hot tap water: 1/2 spoon with 12-15 drops of water. To be sure that you use the right amount of water, you can easily check this with the pipette that is in each box.
  3. Gradually apply the henna paste and make super-tight lines. When you accidentally go out of the shape, you do not have to worry about it. You can remove these irregularities easily with Dyotics Tint Remover creating a more defined shape.
  4. Leave the paste for about 20 minutes for the best result. To create a smooth ombre effect, remove the henna at the bulb of the brows after 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. Remove the henna with a damp cotton pad.


Standard Henna Brow Procedure:


Carry out a detailed consultation prior to any treatment, to distinguish a treatment plan and to gain client authorisation.

Wear gloves at all times and ensure surfaces are covered to avoid staining.


  • Consultation – Complete your record card, client consultation and devise a treatment plan for clients’ needs


  • Select your Henna colour – Select the colour most suitable for your clients needs to follow the manufactures colour guide. Please note Henna colours can be mixed to customise colour for client’s brows.


  • Cleanse the Brows – Clean your eyebrows with an oil free eye make-up remover. Even if you are not wearing any makeup, it is absolutely necessary to remove skin oil from your eyebrows. Please note that henna does not last as long on naturally oily types.


  • Measure – Using an orange sick/spatula or measuring tool measure out your client’s eyebrow shape and mark using a white pencil (see measuring procedure below)


  • Protect – Protect your skin around the brows, with petroleum jelly around the area that you want to apply henna to. This will prevent staining to the skin.


  • Mix Henna with powder – Empty one bag of Henna powder into a small plastic or glass dish. The content of one bag is enough for 2 applications when used economically. Do NOT use metal dish! Mix powder with a few drops of water to achieve a thick paste. We advise using pipette when adding the water.


  • Application – Now apply the Henna paste onto the client’s eyebrows. You can use a cotton bud, micro-applicator, but an angled brush is highly recommended to achieve perfect results. The angled brow brush allows you to work very precisely and creates straight lines. Use a cotton bud to wipe off any excess residue. We advise leaving the Henna for 10-15 minutes on your eyebrows before removing it. Ideally aim for a shorter exposure time if first application. The longer the exposure the darker the result.


  • Removal – Using damp cotton wool thoroughly wipe off your Henna colour to remove paste, so the end result can be seen.


  • Wax – Now you’re going to wax the brow, any hairs that fall out of the template need to be waxed, especially if tweezing will take too long, plus waxing makes the brow look a lot fresher. Always test the wax on the client’s wrist making sure it’s not too hot. Using an orange stick you will start at the lower bulb of the brow working towards the tail then repeat on the other brow. You will use fresh wax strips each time, (normally around 4 each section) Next, starting on the upper bulb working towards the tail then repeat on the other brow. Any wax left over needs to be removed carefully will after wax solution.


  • Trim – With disposable mascara wands, brush eyebrows upwards and trim in a horizontal line.


  • Tweeze – Remove any remaining hairs with tweezing techniques removing in the direction of growth, apply a soothing lotion around tweezed area, not directly on henna stained brows as will tone colour down.


(Follow manufactures instructions at all times)