Lashes are sticking together:

Too much adhesive, not giving it enough time to dry before applying a lash extension in its proximity


Lashes are coming off:

Not enough adhesive, not stroking the lashes together 2 to 3 times during attachment. The eye area was not fully prepared using eye cleanser, make sure old mascara is removed properly, adhesive won’t adhere to oil based products. The client may have excessively oily lashes causing poor bonding. Check adhesive as it may be past it’s used by date or have been contaminated.


Adhesive has come in contact with the skin:

It shouldn’t come in contact with the soft tissue around the eye area. Remove immediately with a remover gel and wipe away any traces with a damp cotton wool pad.


Product has gone into the client’s eye: 

Immediately perform an open eye wash, if they’re experiencing irritation afterwards they can contact you or alternatively they may need to seek medical attention


Adhesive is not coming out properly or too thin

Make a hole in the bottle neck as adhesive may have hardened on the inside

Always keep adhesives in the fridge or a cool area, some technicians prefer air tight containers for glue storage

Always burp the bottle and wipe the bottle neck