Wound healing response and Microneedling


The wound healing response is the biological repair action that occurs within the skin after deep trauma. The process is commonly categorized by 3 functions:


  • Inflammation
  • Proliferation
  • Maturation


The pinpoint bleeding of created during the treatment creates the addition of Hemorrhage/hemostasis as a starting point.  As Microneedling is non-thermolytic and non-ablative it ensures controlled wound heling stimulation fibroblast division and the deposition of tightly woven collagen fibers.


Stage 1 -inflammation

When tissue is first wounded, blood comes in contact with collagen, triggering blood platelets to begin secreting inflammatory factors.  Fibrin and Fibronectin cross link together and form a plug that traps protein and particles


Stage 2 – proliferative phase

2-3 days after the wound occurs, fibroblasts begin to enter the wound site and begin the healing process



Stage 3 – Remodeling Phase

When the levels of collagen production equalize, the remodeling phase of tissue repair begins.