Level 3 & 4 Anatomy & Physiology


What is Anatomy & Physiology?

This qualification will develop your knowledge and understanding of the organisation of the body, and the structure, function and pathologies of the skin, hair and nails. You will also learn about the structure, function and pathologies of the human body systems including, the skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary and reproductive system.

This course is ideal for those who may be looking to progress onto further specialised training, teacher training or wishing to gain a better understanding of the anatomy and physiology. This is essential knowledge for all professionals working within beauty therapy whether that is as a therapist or in training others within beauty therapy.

Many advanced courses including those within Aesthetics require a certificate within anatomy and physiology in order to complete advanced training.



Learning Structure

Once you purchase the course you will get instant access to our online learning platform which showcases your video tutorials and eBooks. Our online training can be accessed anywhere in the world and is available on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

This course is completed entirely as home-study, including online multiple-choice theory tests making this an ideal route for those who wish to study flexibly around other commitments. Guided through our Online Student Portal, you will learn the essential knowledge within all aspects of anatomy and physiology.

Our course offers a unique home learning approach in which you have a variety of different modules to get your hands on and within those modules will be units containing reading material, video tutorials and multiple-choice questions for you to complete. Full support from your tutor is available whenever you need it who can guide you through the online course.

Once you have passed the course, your certificate which is accredited by CPD will be posted out to you. Master Beauty Direct gives you a lifetime access to the learning portal so you can return at any time.

Course Structure

  • Introduction to anatomy and physiology of the body
  • Identify key factors of a healthy body
  • Identify the organisations of the body
  • Structure of the Skin
  • Structure of the Hair
  • Structure of the Nails
  • Structure of the Skeleton
  • Identify and Describe the muscular, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, lymphatic and endocrine systems


32 hours online studying plus aftercare support and mentoring


No beauty experience needed


Certified and accredited by CPD

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