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Adhesive (Glue)

All eyelash extension adhesives are CYANOACRYLATE based, which means the acrylic resins that make up the cyanoacrylate require moisture to polymerise (cure).

Polymerisation occurs when the adhesive is applied to a surface that contains moisture as well as climatization of humidity when leaving the bottle, it is stored in and kept away from any other moisture or differing humidity.

The primary ingredient in any cyanoacrylate adhesive is Ethyl, and other ingredients are added such as thickeners, carbon black colourants and fillers to help change the colour as well as reduce brittleness and increase flexibility.

For better lash retention rates and the glue lasting longer you should always cleanse and dry the natural lashes thoroughly as natural oils, residue of products like moisturisers and dust particles can interfere with the bonding process leading to the extensions not being attached to the natural lash properly.

You should always check the temperature as well as humidity of the room you will be working in as this will affect your curing time i.e. the higher the humidity (lots of moisture in the area) the quicker the adhesive will set, likewise the temperature being higher has the same effect of curing too quickly.

The best range of humidity is 50% – 65% as levels under 30% will have a very slow curing time and levels over 80% will cure to quick and may even shock cure.

The best range for temperature is 20 – 24 degrees and has the same effect as humidity – low temp slows curing and high temp speeds it up.

Always try to work in a well-ventilated room as vapours that are produced by cyanoacrylate adhesives irritate the eyes and nose, sometimes this is hard if you don’t have fans of air conditioning so when and if you do open windows keep checking your hygrometer to stay within the ideal ranges.

Adhesive bottles should be changed every 4 weeks if you haven’t used it all up by then from the first day of opening because every time you open the lid of the adhesive the product inside is exposed to the moisture in the air before the lid is closed, so storing your adhesive in a dry cool well ventilated area in a closed jar with dry uncooked rice (removes any moisture), and once opened never store in the fridge as the condensation will definitely damage it, if the adhesive becomes stringy it should be thrown away

Less is more when it comes to adhesives, as you will get a better bond if the layer between the surfaces are thin.

Never wipe adhesive on the under eye-pads or tape under the client’s eye as the vapors from this could cause irritation as well as a reaction happening between the adhesive and the under-eye protection causing smoke or even thermal burns to your client.

There is a lot of difference between the stages of the full curing process which usually takes up to 24 hours, it starts with the adhesive drying-time which can be anywhere between 1-2 seconds then there is the fixing stage where the lash is bonded to the natural lash and can be safely moved aside during isolation near it and this usually takes up to a minute, then up to 24 hours where the bond is becoming stronger every hour.