Blood Flow

The blood circulates throughout the body to all the cells, carrying vital nutrients and energy – such as oxygen, glucose and other raw materials essential for the body’s health, maintenance and growth.

The vacuum action of MDM treatment assists in the stimulation of microcirculation near the skin’s surface.  This promotes increased blood flow to the area, which promotes collagen and elastin production in the skin, as well as cell renewal (skin regeneration), aiding tissue repair and revealing smoother and fresher skin.


Blood is under high pressure as it flows through the capillary network, forcing fluid out into the tissue and becoming tissue fluid.  This fluid contains useful substances like oxygen and nutrients essential for the cells.  Blood cells and large proteins remain in the capillary

As the blood becomes deoxygenated, pressure is reversed and some of the fluid contain waste products will re-enter the capillaries and be carried away

Excess fluids, waste products and large molecule-like proteins that were unable to re-enter the blood are taken up by lymph capillaries and carried to lymph nodes where the fluid is processed and enters back into the blood nearer the heart.