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Contra – Action: Is an adverse reaction can be either to a product or the treatment. It is very important that contraindications are recognised and dealt with properly.  Hygiene Practice is necessary in the salon to help prevent cross infection (contamination). Cross infection occurs when micro-organisms capable of causing disease and/or infection are transferred through personal contact, infected tools or work surfaces.

Infections: Most infections occur when the body becomes contaminated by micro-organisms, these usually include bacteria, fungal or viral cause. General signs of infection are inflammation, swelling and pus.    What can cause an infection?

Sores or pus, Contaminated tools or equipment, Un clean hands, Contaminated blood or cell tissue

Infections that are very contagious are a contraindication for all beauty treatments, if any client presents the signs of a contraindication then medical attention should be advised. Hygiene practice should be adhered to for every treatment carried out, as some clients might not be aware, they have one.