• Make sure the couch is at a suitable height for you to work at, arm height is perfect for most
  • Have both feet positioned on the floor
  • Use a comfortable stool or seat with back support if needed
  • Keep your back straight when working
  • When bending bend from the knees, not the waist
  • Ensure your neck and shoulders are relaxed
  • Take regular breaks between clients


Although not always nesessary using an eye magnifier as a sight aid whilst carrying out a close up service has many benefits such as

  • Clearer vision
  • Aiding a cleaner treatment procedure
  • Less strain on eyes – especially when lashing for long periods of time

Choosing the right strength of magnification is important as some bigger magnifiers can make you dizzy. Comfort is also key, even if you wear glasses you can still purchase comfortable magnifiers that fit around glasses to suit you.


The importance of effective lighting is crucial for up close treatments such as lashes when isolating and applying lash extensions or planing with a blade when dermaplaning, it prevents eye strain and you get better visual clarity.

Using a lamp with daylight lighting is recommended, in particular GLAMCOR lights as these are perfect for not heating products because they do not produce to much heat, which is important with products like the lash glue when it could affect the curing process.

It is also recommended that your lash studio lighting is with daylight bulbs too, as working in a darker room with just a small glamcor lamp can cause bad eye strain.