Eyelash Extension curl chart and guidelines

Please see below an eyelash extension curl chart that will visually break down some of the most popular curls.



Types of Lash Curls

Let’s start with J curl. J curl lashes aren’t ones that you will use often, but when you do use them you will be jumping for joy that they were an option. This curl is specifically intended for the client who has stick straight lashes that almost seem to point downwards. These clients are tricky, and there are a few options you can use. J curl will give them the most natural and simple extension of their natural lashes. The next option for clients with lashes that are straight is going to be a B curl, this option will give the downward pointing lashes a bit more “lift”. This curl has a bit more curl than a J curl but is still a great option for the client with tricky straight lashes.

L + curls is basically a C or D curl with a flat base. Because of the flat base on the L + curl, you will be able to give your tricky client the ultimate lift and curl that will still properly fully adhere to the base of the lash. These are by far, the most visually rewarding.

C curl and D curl, there are probably the lashes you will use the most often, C curl lashes are intended for clients with a slight curl in their natural lash and will create an open-eye effect. D curl lashes are very similar, just curlier, they are intended for a client with a slight-dramatic natural curl who wants a dramatic look. These lashes will brighten and widen the ye and give a very visible curled effect.

All curl sizes explained:

J Curl – a natural curl. Very similar to the average curl found on natural lashes

B Curl – This is fairly flat at its base (similar to a J Curl) but curved like a C Curl at the tip

C Curl – A slightly stronger curl than a B Curl, sometimes seen to be similar to the effect of Lash Lift

CC Curl – This is Curlier than a C Curl but not as curly as a D Curl Lash

D Curl – With a Stronger curl than even an C Curl, this is suitable for dramatic effects

DD Curl – This is a stronger curl used to achieve the extreme look (doll like effect)

L Curl – This lash is very flat at the base and then curls – provides a lifted but natural look

L+ /L Lift – This lash is very flat at the base the curves suddenly, used to provide a lifted looking also good for eyelid overhang