Different Lash Mapping Styles:

We will be demonstrating later in a video mapping out on the under-eye gel pads each length in each zone so you can keep on track where you are putting each length.

Each style does differ from client to client so it’s entirely up to you to decide which will suit best and what their expectation are.


Remember when you are doing Classic Eyelash Extensions that healthy natural lashes can take a weight of 0.20mm but not so healthy natural lashes stick to 0.15mm as you do not want to put to heavy extensions on natural lashes and cause damage.

when you are applying the lashes always ensure there is only one natural lash that you are applying the extension to as if there is more than one natural lash and there is two or three that all grow at different rates again you can cause damage and it doesn’t feel comfortable for the client when there are clumps formed from too many natural lashes together.

Mapping out lashes involves dividing the lash line into a variation of different sections depending on the style, each area will indicate the lash length to apply in that area. Lash extension length will be determined by the length of the client’s natural lashes.



Lash Mapping is a great tool to help you remember which lengths you want to apply and to what location on the client’s eye.

To begin, apply Gel Pads underneath the client’s eye. Have your desired look in mind and pick which lengths you would like to apply.  You can then use any type of marker or pen to lightly write on the under-eye gel pad to map the desired location of the client’s eyelash extensions.  Be careful to not apply too much pressure and avoid using a sharp pen as this may tear the gel pad.


A natural look will hold approximately 30 – 60 eyelash extensions per eye

A glamour look will hold approximately 60 – 70+ eyelash extensions per eye

Please note these are guidelines, you may need to add more or less lashes to keep the look symmetrical.