Styling and Mapping:

Before starting out the treatment always assess your clients natural eye shape, as well as length, health and overall thickness.


  • narrow eyes you need to use a stronger curl to open up the eye
  • wide eyes you need to use a lesser curl to refrain from making the eye look even wider

Determining the correct length of any lash extension you are going to apply should never be longer than 2-3mm of the client’s natural lashes

Always have shorter lashes on the inner corners (closest to nose) for every client you are applying eyelash extensions to.

Determining the correct thickness/weight (refer to lash chart) of the eyelash extensions you will need to follow the chart below

0.10/0.12 Can be used on very fine lashes as well as very damaged
0.15 Most common for any lashes not as healthy and slightly damaged
0.20 Can only be used on good healthy natural lashes

Flat lashes are usually less weighty due to how they are made and designed – refer back to the lash chart, this means that a 0.15 flat lash weighs the same as a normal 0.10 individual lash and a 0.20 flat lash is equivalent to a 0.15 normal individual lash.


The thickness of the natural lashes will determine what we can put on as extensions. Too thick, too long or too many can damage the lashes and cause retention problems.