Following Code


You should always work to the following Code which is recognised within the industry


  1. Always work within the law
  2. Do not ever treat or claim to be able to treat a medical condition – any concerns should be referred to their GP
  3. Client confidentiality should be respected at all times.
  4. Always show respect for related professions by referring clients appropriately, i.e. to a GP, Chiropodist etc.
  5. Always maintain high standards of hygiene and safety in your work
  6. Ensure that where necessary certain treatments are only undertaken with written permission of the client’s GP
  7. Always be respectful and helpful where possible to other beauty therapists
  8. You should never try to take other therapists’ clients or undermine their work/ability.
  9. You should always undertake your work in a principled manner, particularly when working with members of the opposite sex.