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How to perform a patch test:

Apply  2 to 3 lashes on the outer corner of both eyes, lash extension adhesive should not touch the skin at anytime. Leave to dry for around 5 to 10 minutes, let the client open their eyes and check if everything feels fine. The client will then go home for 24 hours.


Instructions to follow:


  1. Client to fill in consultation record card
  2. Whilst client is filing this out make sure you have everything ready (all equipment needed)
  3. Check record card for any contraindications
  4. Remove contact lenses if necessary
  5. Wipe a protein pad over the eyes and eyelashes
  6. Apply under eye pads (as these also could irritate the client on treatment day)
  7. Brush lashes with a disposable mascara wand
  8. Shake glue for 20 secs before using apply small amount to whatever surface you are using (jade stone or finger ring)
  9. Isolate a natural lash at the corner of each eye and apply lash extension to natural lash (2-3 on each eye) use short lashes (8mm C curl) to avoid lashes from standing out from natural ones
  10. Remove eye pads and wait for client to open eyes then slowly sit up
  11. Advise client to leave lashes in for 24 hours at least
  12. Advise clients that if there is any redness or itching or swelling of any kind then to contact you straight away as this usually is a reaction however if there is none of this you are fine to go ahead with the full treatment.
  13. If client has a very severe allergic reaction to the patch test advise them to see a GP immediately


Allergic Reaction:

It is very rare that clients can react to the adhesive during or after the treatment even if there patch test has come back all fine. An allergic reaction will identify as red, swollen, itchy, weeping, blood shoot or even closed up eyes.



What to do:

In some cases the reaction towards the adhesive will normally happen afterwards which can casue irratation when the lashes have been on 24 to 48 hours post treatment.

Immediate lash removal is advised and refer the client to their nearest phramacy or in worst case situations A&E if the condition worsens.

Clear adhesive is recommended for fair/brown hair

Black adhesive is recommended for dark/black hair


Sterile eye wash procedure:


While performing the treatment if under any circumstances the adhesive gets into the client’s eye and causes irritation you will need to perform a sterile eye wash. In a calm manner tilt the clients head to one side and apply the sterile eye wash to the outer corner of the client’s eye and have cotton wool underneath the lower lash line to catch any of the excess fluid.