Pathological Changes of the Skin

Pathological changes of the cells cause typical signs on the surface of the skin, you should be extra vigilant when performing any treatment around the area of the skin displaying any of the following conditions, and in some cases not do the treatment at all if any of the following occur directly in the path of the area to be treated.

Spots Changes of the skin due to a sebum blockage and the deposit of skin pigments which can lead to black heads on the surface, usually found on the face, back or chest area.

Petechia– Dot-like bleeding of the skin, which remains visible as red or brown dots for some time, caused by bleeding into the skin.

Hematoma (Bruise) Caused by injuries, changes colour due to the breakdown of the hemoglobin from red to blue or blue-black to green or yellow-green within a period of some days.

Cyst– A membranous sac or cavity of abnormal character just under the surface of the skin, which contains a fluid or solid substance.

Eczema– Eczema is a disease of the dermis with periodic inflammatory reddening, papule and small blisters, which have many causes. Eczema often is combined with itching. It can be caused by irritating toxic as well as allergic substances. Eczema most frequently appears in the areas with a high production of sebum, for example in the fold between mouth and nose or the middle of the upper back

PsoriasisPsoriasis is a benign but very persistent skin disease. The cause is unknown. Nevertheless, there is a known genetic disposition for psoriasis, possibly a variant of the auto-immune disease. It can develop over years and can remain a whole life time

Ulcer An open sore on the surface of the skin that fails to heal and may discharge pus. It looks like a bump.

Birthmarks– They are not hereditary and can have many different appearances. They start out as growths in pigmenting cells and blood vessels of the skin. Everyone has lentil-shaped marks, round brown or black marks. Situated on the cheek or the malar bone they called “beauty marks”

Liver Spots– Often appear on the torso and the thigh, are lightly brown, often egg-shaped or irregular. ‘Blood vessel marks’: appear as flat or ball-shaped spots, sometimes as tumours. They have a light to blue-red colour. The sun can also cause them, or they can appear as we age, especially on the back of the hands.

A Port-Wine Mark– A port-wine mark is an inborn, sharply edged violet coloured mark, which varies from light to dark. This anomaly is mainly found in the neck, sometimes in the middle of the forehead or on the eyelids

Strawberry Mark– A strawberry mark consists of blood filled connected cavities. The strawberry mark mostly develops on the eyelids, cheeks or lips. This anomaly can be removed by laser surgery.

Hives– Light-pink or white elevation of the skin surface; it is round or irregular shaped like a map, usually caused by an allergic reaction.