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Skin Types

Exercise!…….Think of the characteristics of each skin type type below:

(Write your answers in your notebook and bring them into lesson)

Skin Type Characteristics Causes Treatment
Normal = well balanced sebum secretions   If neglected, the skin can become dry around the eyes, cheeks and neck Because this skin rarely has problems

it can be neglected

Advise on good skin care routine

Dry = lacks oil or sebaceous secretions   Climate. Skin ageing – sebaceous secretions decrease with age.   Hereditary.  Medication. Diet lacking in fat/oil To nourish and soften.

To protect and rebuild the hydro- lepidic film. To provide a feeling of comfort and wellbeing.

Sensitive = reacts rapidly to aggressions   Excessive exposure to sun, wind, cold

and pollution.  Stress and fatigue. Illness and medication.     Diet.                Repeated use of unsuitable products.

To soothe, soften and desensitize

To reinforce the skin’s natural defences

To provide a feeling of comfort and well being

Dehydrated = lack of moisture in the epidermis   Central heating, air conditioning

Climate i.e. sun, wind


Not drinking enough water

To help skin maintain its moisture level by rebuilding the hydro-lepidic film

produces excess oil or sebum

  Hormones. Climate, sun exposure dries the skin initially but stimulates production of sebum after a few days. Use of strong cosmetic products. Food rich in fat or sugar Hereditary To re-balance production of sebum


To purify


To soften and soothe

Combination   T zone has greater number of sebaceous glands

which are more active

Inadequate cleansing


Use of strong cosmetic products

To balance over dry or over oily areas


Mature   Accelerated aging. Environment e.g. pollution, climate, central heating, air conditioning. Poor diet   Alcohol, smoking, Illness and medication, stress and fatigue. To improve condition of skin


Lessen appearance

of lines and wrinkles


Hydrate and nourish