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Total contraindications

A total contraindication means that you should never perform a brow lamination treatment on a client whilst they have the condition. Some of the conditions listed here, plus all contagious skin diseases, fall into this category. If you do perform a treatment on someone with a total contraindication, you risk harming the client, worsening their condition or – in the case of a contagious disease – Spreading the disease.

It is essential that you not only look for these problems, but you should have already asked your client if they were aware of any issues when you did your consultation.  You could find that the treatment makes the problem worse. If you are at all unsure, you should suggest that the client visits his/her GP to have the matter checked before you provide the treatment.


Here are some examples of total contra-indications

  1. Chalazion
  2. Mechanical injuries around the eyes (abrasions, irritations, scabs, small wounds)
  3. Infectious disease
  4. Swelling or redness of the eyelids
  5. Contact lenses
  6. Allergy to tint
  7. Antibiotics
  8. Acne medication
  9. Skin peeling treatments in the last 4 weeks
  10. Anti-ageing creams (please check with the client )
  11. If you are taking anti-biotics or acne medication
  12. Use of skin peeling, skin thinning preparations
  13. Skin disorders or diseases, such as bruising or recent haemorrhage, Scar tissue (especially recent).
  14. Use of sunbeds 24 hours prior to waxing.
  15. if you are receiving cancer therapy (chemotherapy or radiation).
  16. Pregnancy
  17. Eyelash & Eyebrow Lice
  18. Blepharitis
  19. Conjunctivitis
  20. Cyst
  21. Hives
  22. Hypersensitive skin
  23. Scabies
  24. Stye
  25. Trichotillomania
  26. Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy
  27. Recent surgery on or around the head