Work Area


Preparation of the working area prior to the client’s arrival is vital, not only to provide the right impression to the client, but also to ensure that the treatment provided can be completed in the given timeframe.


  • A therapy room should be relaxing and welcoming. The working area should preferably have a good supply of natural light.  Tip – use a blind to temper strong natural light.  When you do use artificial lighting, it should not be too bright and should be indirect so that it does not shine into your client’s eyes.  If you light candles always remember to extinguish them!


  • A calming colour promotes relaxation


  • Windows should be adequately screened with binds/curtains so that the client feels they have total privacy


  • Relaxing music should be played in the background to encourage the client to relax and discourage them from talking during the treatment


  • Ensure you are not interrupted during the clients treatment time


  • Turn mobile phones to silent


  • Fresh flowers or a burner crate a nice aroma and aid relaxation


  • The room you work in should be adequate in size and allow you to walk freely around your client.


  • The floor should be of a material that is easily cleaned or vacuumed and is not slippery, noisy or cold.


  • Always make sure that the room you’re working in is clean and tidy. Remember, first impressions last.  If your toilet and the room it’s in are not clean, it gives your client the wrong impression of you and could lead them to question your own hygiene practices.


  • Temperature and ventilation: Your room must be warm enough for the client not to become chilled but not so warm that it’s uncomfortable for you to work. Approximately 25 degrees is good.  It should be ventilated to prevent it becoming stuffy.  Tip:  as the body cools very quickly during a massage a blanket or large towel should be on hand to cover the client if necessary.


  • Refreshments: Always offer your client a drink of water before leaving.


At the end of the day, if your client has a relaxing and pleasant treatment, they are more likely to come back.